Beginning fall 2021, students enrolled in 葡萄新京 (NCC) will be able to continue earning their associate degrees while living on and being a part of campus life at 斯特兰德 University–and they’ll have easy access to streamlined transfer pathways 完成他们的学士学位.  

NCC students will have the opportunity to live on 斯特兰德’s campus and participate in University activities, while following streamlined transfer pathways for completing 他们的学士学位.


The option provides students with the best-of-both-worlds, including affordable tuition by beginning one’s studies at 葡萄新京 while taking advantage of the four-year co-curricular 斯特兰德 experience which includes:

  • The option to live and dine on 斯特兰德’s campus
    请注意,阿德尔菲住房 & Residential Education is currently running a waitlist 2023-2024学年住房.
  • Participation in 斯特兰德 clubs, recreation, and leadership development 程序s
  • Access to the 斯特兰德 community and campus facilities
  • 校内停车不另收费
  • Early academic advising from the 斯特兰德 转移 Student Success Team
  • Waived transfer application and deposit fees


There is no cost to participate in the co-curricular activities as part of this 程序. NCC students who choose to live on 斯特兰德’s campus will pay room and board fees applicable 他们的住房和膳食计划的选择. 房间和膳食计划的选择可以找到 on 阿德尔菲的住房网站 随着 阿德菲的住宿和膳食计划费用.  


This 程序 is open to a limited number of NCC students each year. 要了解更多信息, NCC students are encouraged to contact the Dean of 学生 office by email at Deanof学生 或者打电话516.572.7376.

斯特兰德 Residential Life Program Pre-Screening Application

学生 who wish to participate in the NCC/斯特兰德 Residential Life Program must 完成 斯特兰德 Residential Life Program Pre-Screening Application.