Carol Farber Honors Program


Dr. Elizabeth Hynes-Musnisky

Professor George Frost

Phone: 516.572.7194
Location: North Hall, Rm 106

The Honors Program recognizes and develops exceptional students from diverse backgrounds providing them with opportunities to learn, discover, create, and succeed alongside their peers in a program designed to offer them unique courses and experiences for an enriching education preparing them to transfer to competitive 4-year institutions.

Five Reasons to Consider the NCC Honors Program

  1. Exceptional teaching—by professors who are hand-picked to teach honors courses.
  2. Exclusive activities to supplement your classes-take in a Broadway play or get published in the program's literary journal.
  3. Scholarships just for honor students—money that’s awarded each year only to honors students. The Honors Program also has special scholarships and transfer agreements with select four-year institutions.
  4. Honors designation on your NCC transcript—show transfer institutions and potential employers that you excel and rise to academic challenges.
  5. "Up-transferring"-  Our unique word to describe the experience of when graduates of the Honors Program find themselves accepted to colleges that would not have accepted them right after high school.

Honors Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Honors students will demonstrate an understanding of interdisciplinary inquiry and critical thinking strategies to examine real world issues, solve problems and make consequential decisions. (Interdisciplinary)
  2. Honors students will be active members of various communities, including the Honors Program, the College, and the Nassau County community at large. (Leadership)
  3. Honors students will demonstrate the ability to design, communicate, and execute an original research or capstone project. (Intellectual Inquiry)

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